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"World's Greatest Mentalist" to Perform at Vision Expo East


Mentalist Jim Karol will blow your mind when you visit Fatheadz Booth 1953 at Vision Expo East 2018 in New York City. Are you ready?

Are you prepared to have your mind blown? Get ready, Mentalist Jim Karolbecause when you visit Fatheadz Booth 1953 at Vision Expo East 2018 in New York City, you’re going to see and hear things sure to impress, befuddle and amaze. That’s because mentalist Jim Karol will be entertaining and engaging visitors March 15-18 in ways you can’t even imagine.

Karol is America’s foremost memory and brain training expert, and has been seen on countless stages and television screens including the “Tonight Show,” the “Ellen Show,” and NBC’s “Today Show.” He is a frequent speaker at the Pentagon, and has hosted or been featured at plenty of star-studded fundraisers and Hollywood gatherings. He is also an expert on cogmental intelligence, which combines emotional intelligence with the study of mentalism, memory, cognition, and deception detection. He’s known for his high energy, a great sense of humor, and a passion for sharing brain-training secrets with others. And yes, he wears Fatheadz Eyewear. 

Fatheadz Owner Rico Elmore originally met Karol in 2012 at a Super Bowl XLVI event in Indianapolis, and that’s where their friendship began. Elmore has continued to be so impressed with Jim’s abilities, he asked him to interact with Expo attendees at the company’s booth. “When I first saw Jim perform, I just couldn’t believe what he could do,” says Elmore. “It’s always a thrill to watch him entertain and interact with others – he’ll leave plenty of visitors speechless.”

There’s definitely more to Jim Karol than meets the eye. In fact, when you come to Fatheadz Booth 1953, you’ll be meeting the man who:

  • is the World’s Greatest Mentalist, according to voters at the World Magic Awards.
  • holds two Guinness World Records.
  • was chosen as a contestant on NBC’s “Phenomenon.”
  • served as a consultant for the movie “Jackass Number Two,” in which he had a cameo.
  • has performed such feats as bending 60-penny nails, allowing a bear trap to close on his hands without injury, and identifying information about audience members.
  • has memorized over 80,000 zip codes, every word in the Scrabble dictionary, and can memorize a shuffled deck of playing cards in less than a minute.

We were curious to find out more about Karol, who has gone from being a steelworker in Allentown, Pennsylvania, to “… one of the most extraordinary minds in the world.” In fact, he has been described as a combination of Rocky Balboa and Raymond Babbitt from “Rain Man.”Jim was generous enough to answer some of our most pressing questions during a recent phone conversation, and here are some of his responses.

How did you become a mentalist?

Mentalist Jim Karol with Scarlett Johansson in Afghanistan

Rico Elmore with Jim Karol at a Brickyard 400Years ago, my wife sold Avon but needed to take a break, so I took her account and started selling products door-to-door. I became very successful, and then the company hired me to perform at a conference and I’ve never stopped.

But the mentalist part started when I was simply trying to get healthy. I was about to turn 50, was experiencing chest pains, and found out I had an enlarged heart and cardio myopathy. I knew I had to start eating healthy and exercising, which included hours and hours on an exercise bike. It was boring to me, so to kill time I started looking at decks of playing cards and memorizing them in order. Then I moved on to memorizing other things like Pi, Oscar winners, sports figures, states and zip codes.

After the Avon experience, I started performing mainly at colleges - at least 3500 – and then after turning 50 I started incorporating memory into the shows.

How is your health today?

I experienced a reversal of my enlarged heart and no longer have cardio myopathy. This made me realize how significant the brain is in healing the body. I started studying everything I could get my hands on involving the brain, and eventually added keynote speeches on health and the skeletal system to my repertoire. Now, I regularly speak at places like the Pentagon, MIT, and lots of events involving the military and veterans suffering from brain injury.

What are some things you plan to do at the Fatheadz Booth?

First of all, we’re going to have fun. I love performing at trade shows and conferences because I get to interact one-on-one with people. I’ll do some activities with dice and other props to challenge memory and “trick” the audience. We’ll interact in ways that’ll be fun and fascinating. I can promise this – for anyone who comes to see me, they’ll be blown away.

Come See Jim Karol at Fatheadz Booth 1953

Don’t miss this opportunity to meet Jim Karol and see why he’s been called a “marvel of the mind,” and one of the world’s “absolutely true mentalists.” And be sure to visit his website to find out more about his experience and abilities. We’ll see you soon at Vision Expo East! 

For media and press inquiries, please contact us at pr@fatheadz.com.

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